Since its inception in the 1970s, ecotourism has proven to raise environmental awareness efficiently. The main concern of ecotourism is to give tourists a kind of ecological knowledge that encourages them to become active in environmental conservation. It is a matter of concern for ecotourism operators to consider satisfying their customers while conserving the environment to a large extent.

By observing and experiencing nature up close, we get to learn more about its functions and mechanisms. There are many types of eco-friendly trips that you can take. Still, the most popular ones involve engaging in activities that protect wildlife and the natural environment, preserve archeological sites and indigenous cultures. If you’re thinking of taking an eco-tour, we only have one thing to say to you: just do it!

In this article, we list down the reasons why you should go on an eco-tour. Read on below to learn more.

#1 – You Contribute to Environmental Preservation

Ecotours generally include various activities that contribute to environmental protection, such as tree planting, trash pick-up drives, and so on. The money that goes into eco-tours is used to fund these activities. At first, these are all considerably small acts, but they go a long way towards environmental preservation—especially if the government, local or otherwise, protects the area.

#2 – You Contribute to Cultural Preservation

Taking ecotours, admission fees to museums, and visiting archeological sites all contribute to cultural preservation.

It’s understandable that culture is sometimes a delicate issue, and the environment is often brought up. A perfect example of this is the Aboriginal case of tourists climbing Ayers Rock. Sometimes this can be challenging because some tour companies can have doubts about the traditional costumes, traditional happenings or do not communicate well with the indigenous people. This is why it’s recommended to give consideration not only to the tour itself but also to the fact that the culture was appropriately communicated in the form desired by the indigenous people and consider the indigenous people’s cultural activities. It is essential to check the policies of the tour company in this regard.

#3 – You Become Aware of Positive Environmental Practices

Ecotours let tourists know of certain practices that can affect the environment positively or negatively. This is most evident in coral reefs because damage to them is sometimes immeasurable. Travelers must be aware that the coral reefs are under threat from pollution and global warming. Since they are sensitive to changes in the environment, coral reefs are dying due to ocean acidification. This is caused by the carbon dioxide that is produced by burning fossil fuels.

#4 – You Contribute to the Local Community

It’s recommended that you take an ecotour that involves the local community. With this in mind, you should ask the guide if local services are connected to the tour. Since it’s an environmental matter, you can also inquire if other things to do in the area support local initiatives. The more a traveler considers the local community in the itinerary, the more the traveler will benefit the local people, contributing to a healthier environment.

#5 – You Can Eat Tour-Exclusive Food

The phrase ‘local production for local consumption’ holds a lot of weight, especially in ecotours. In essence, the phrase means eating an amount of food that’s needed—nothing more and nothing less. In ecotours, you can get food that you can only get in the place where you’re holding it. Since the food is sourced locally, it’s an excellent way to reduce CO2, which significantly helps the environment.


It’s pretty easy to understand why ecotours are so popular all over the world. It’s not only a way to enjoy the outdoors and get closer to nature but also a chance to support the preservation of various ecosystems and natural spots. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.

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