Is this your first time hearing the term Manatee? Actually, it’s a large, slow-moving aquatic animal that may be the teddy bear of the sea. What would you feel if you could touch and swim with one in person? The good news is, you can do that by going on a kayaking manatee tour! 

You can witness dozens of manatees, as well as an array of other stunning wildlife, including dolphins, birds, stingrays, HorseShoe crabs, and even the odd alligator if you go kayaking. Fortunately, kayaking is a very popular activity in Florida, so you’ll find many available tours. 

But before you go tour hunting, here are some tips so that whatever manatee tour you find will be exciting and comfortable: 

Tip #1: Dress Appropriately

A manatee tour is not a stroll on the land, so you don’t have to wear anything fancy. What you need to do is to dress for the water and not the weather. Most likely, you will get wet, so make sure to wear layers of clothing that are quick to dry and won’t leave you feeling cold because you might get sick after the tour. It’s better to pack some towels as well so that you can dry your body. 

Tip #2: Choose the Right Footwear

Keep in mind that kayaks can be slippery to climb in and out of. So, don’t use flip-flops or go barefoot during your manatee tour. Instead, consider investing in some swimming shoes or sneakers with plenty of grips so that you’ll be safe and comfortable.

Tip #3: Be Ready and Pack the Items You Need or Might Be Needing

In kayak tours, you need to come prepared. The tour will not sponsor the supplies you need, so make sure to bring your own. The list of items you need or might be needing includes sunblock, mosquito repellent, and towels. Don’t forget a large, plastic water bottle to keep you hydrated! 

Tip #4: Waterproof Your Camera

Of course, the best part about kayaking is that you’ll get to be beside amazing sea creatures. So, don’t miss out on the moment, and make sure to capture it so that you can have a remembrance. But, you don’t want your phones or cameras soaking wet, so make sure you waterproof them. Invest in some waterproof cases or bags to protect your gadgets.

Tip #5: Don’t Worry About the Experience

In case you’re worried about the tour not being safe, there’s no need for that because, before every kayak tour, there’s an instructor who will teach you how to paddle a kayak and how to stay safe on and in the water. You will be appropriately equipped with the things you need to do and not do so that you can fully enjoy the experience. 


A kayak or manatee tour is a must-try experience. But, to help you get the very most out of your tour, make sure to follow our tips. This way, your manatee tour will be more exciting and comfortable, and you’ll be able to have the best tour of your life. It’s time to continue your search for a tour and get ready to enjoy. 

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