For canoe and kayak paddlers, water safety should be a top priority. Regardless of the weather, time of year, or kind of paddling, water safety gear is vital. In this article, we will be listing seven important things you need to guarantee the safety of paddlers. Note: The type of clothes a paddler should wear …

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If you’re looking for a new spot to fish, Florida is waiting for you! Dubbed as the Fishing Capital of the World, Florida is home to many excellent fishing tourism activities, a diverse population of sport fishes, fish-friendly habitats, fantastic weather conditions, and year-round fishing adventures. Does a fishing adventure in Florida sound exciting? Here …

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Manatees are some of the most popular wildlife here in Florida. Whether you’ve loved them all your life or discovered them through videos, memes, and more on the internet, we bet you’re more than excited to see them in person. The great thing is that plenty of exciting tours offer a unique chance to possibly …

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Caladesi Island kayaking

Caladesi Island Caladesi Island is one of the many beautiful parks that make up the Florida state park system. This particular park is located on the Gulf of Mexico and is accessible only by boat. Visitors can enjoy kayaking, fishing, swimming, and nature walks while at the park. The island itself is a small barrier …

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Since its inception in the 1970s, ecotourism has proven to raise environmental awareness efficiently. The main concern of ecotourism is to give tourists a kind of ecological knowledge that encourages them to become active in environmental conservation. It is a matter of concern for ecotourism operators to consider satisfying their customers while conserving the environment …

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Are you looking for the ideal honeymoon gift? Going kayaking will make a unique, memorable, and romantic activity you will surely remember in the years to come!  Why Kayaking? Planning out your wedding and honeymoon activities can be stressful. You can find a memorable and romantic way to de-stress through a kayaking trip.  If you …

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Kayaking is a thrilling activity that can also get you and your loved ones closer to nature—which is a perfect break from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Much like golf, basketball, and football, kayaking imparts inspiring life lessons you never thought about. Here are four that stand out: No Quitting Allowed, Only Doing …

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Kayaking is indeed a great activity to partake in. It allows you to get closer to nature, offering a unique perspective of the journey into the waters.  If you’re planning to visit Caladesi Island State Park, you may want to consider going there via kayak. Yes, it may be quite an effort. But trust us, …

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People want to add many outdoor activities to their bucket list, likely as a solution to stress or to simply enjoy life. However, one that will definitely make a mark is a kayaking tour. It is one of the unique experiences that a person can have, and it is relatively affordable. While it may not …

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